MIVV exhaust systems

MIVV exhaust systems


MIVV is specialized in the development and manufacture of OE and aftermarket exhaust systems for motor vehicles.

Established in 1970, the recent years have been ones of an intense period of growth for MIVV. The company is an industrial group, which is represented in more than 20 European and non – European Countries through a distribution system.

MIVV factory
They have developed many projects in the OEM field. At the moment, MIVV cooperates with some of the most prestigious motorcycle Companies in the World like Yamaha, Ducati, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi or Derbi. For instance, the Ducati Monster range, the 996, the 748 and the Multistrada models are equipped with MIVV exhausts; besides Moto Guzzi – California and Nevada-, Derbi Senda, the Aprilia Scarabeo range, RSV 1000, RS 125 and Pegaso Strada 650.

MIVV know-how is very high.
Without this knowledge they couldn’t plan and produce innovative exhaust systems which reflect exactly the needs of bikes’ manufacturers.
In the company, there’s a strong will for processes and products growth, combined with passion and determination. This enabled them to reach important goals in all major world markets.

These results have been obtained thanks to the experience gained in the competition field, through the cooperation with official teams, engaged in Italian, European and World Championships.


MIVV engineering
MIVV silencers are produced with the aim of obtaining the most as far as performance is concerned. These silencers are therefore designed to optimise the efficiency of each single motorcycle.
The sound quality has been specially studied to have a very sporty timbre, giving greater emphasis to the engine’s characteristics.
This is possible thanks to the modern computer supports used by our technical office.

Their know-how, together with the modern technologies available, guarantees a high-performance and a well-designed product. These characteristics are indispensable for giving the motorcycle the right energy, at the same time exalting its stylistic features.

Research and development

MIVV r&d
R&D department
The research and development activity is supported by the most advanced measuring equipment.

R&D department covers an area of 500 sq. meters where two dynamic testing benches are provided for measuring power and torque both on vehicles and engines.Thanks to a thorough data acquisition system, integrated with dedicated numerical simulation software, a proper development is achieved taking into account all the parameters peculiar to the vehicle-exhaust system assembly.

Racing support

MIVV racing support
Best solutions come from track!
You can not enter the racing world without the necessary technical knowledge, which is indispensable for the development of technological excellent products.
The experience gained in the production of OEM exhausts also for supersport models, like for example Ducati 916, Aprilia RSV 1000 and a strong determination in the racing field enabled them to be leaders even in top-level races.

MIVV cooperates with the Moto GP world. They are official partner of Repsol Honda Team, winning together the 2006 World championship.
They also support CtbkCorse team (Endurance World Championship).
MIVV supplies motocross, enduro and supermotard teams, with mufflers specially made for the off road field. Supported teams are e.g. NRT Racing – Hard Bike (MX, Italy), GSE Racing Team (enduro, Italy), Suzuki supermotard, TM Racing Factory (supermotard).

The Range

SPORTLINE silencers

• Design made in Italy
• Employment of the best materials, which are available in the market. High technology coming directly from MotoGP experience, which only few factories can offer.
• The system guarantees high power and torque performances.
• Shrill sound for an extreme product use.
• Homologated silencer in compliance with the EU directives. Security without compromises.
• Huge weight loose unlike genuine system and better bike versatility.
• Popular brand in the MotoGP; absolute guarantee of steady innovation.
• Reliability of one of the main world manufacturer of OE systems.
• Reliable after-sales-service that solves all your problems.

MIVV Suono

The Power of Souno

The Suono line is the result of the synergetic exploitation of the experience of a great company of the MotoGp world.


A perfect combination of innovative aesthetic appearance and applied technology. Impeccable assembly, innovative look, performance without compromise. Suono is a rigorously “made in Italy” mix that is hard to match.

Design. The origin of the species…

In designing Suono, the MIVV was inspired by an idea: that the roar emitted by an engine makes it possible for whoever is not listening to it to imagine its “voice". This interpretation of the "sound" was, for MIVV, the basis of the design, an approach that made it possible to fantasize as the product was being designed, engineered, and produced.


MIVV suono full titanium
When we designed the Suono line we purposely chose the best materials for guaranteeing an extremely light weight.
Suono is available in two versions: standard and full titanium. The standard version differs from the full titanium version in the different internal materials used: stainless steel for the standard version and titanium grade 1 for the full titanium version. The full titanium version weighs 45% less than the standard version, with the weight dropping from 1.9 kg to 1.2 kg. At the performance level, the increase achieved with the adoption of FULL TITANIUM is indirect and mainly attributable to the lower weight of the exhaust. Compared to the standard version, the full titanium version is particularly suitable for those who want to use their bike for track racing (amateur or professional).


MIVV Suono full carbon
The black carbon frame covers, inside and out, the latest version of our Suono silencer. It's the magic of 'full black'.
After the 'Full Titanium' version, we are now proud to introduce, with this new Suono model, a further variation of our main exhaust, the 'Full Carbon'. The more consistent presence of carbon is the result of continuous requests received from many enthusiasts dedicated to the tuning of silencers with a highly aggressive look.
From this point of view, we believe that the 'black style' that the use of carbon has given to Suono is unique, and will certainly not disappoint the owners of latest generation naked and sports models.
The technical characteristics of this new model are the same as for the other Suono versions available.
The type of carbon used is, needless to say, of the highest quality (in technical jargon we call it twill 3k 200 gr/M2, impregnated with special high temperature resistant resins).


MIVV Suono steel
This is the model intended for those who wish to enhance the look of their motorbikes with an innovative design model, but at a limited cost. Compared with other Suono versions, this product is fully made of high temperature resistant austenitic AISI 304 stainless steel. The internal components are also made of stainless steel.

Technical and mechanical features

• To keep Suono’s weight down, they chose the best materials available.
• Titanium 1 slow degree, with a wall thickness of just 0.6 mm, resulting in an incidence of just 15% on the total weight.
• 3K 200 gr /mq² twill carbon impregnated with special high-temperature-resistant resins.
• Sound-absorbent can constructed with a blend of high-temperature-resistant CE 14-micron texturized fabrics specially studied for lowering noise – especially at high frequencies.
• Removable pipe (dB - Killer) studied to guarantee perfect compliance with the current noise regulations and at the same time capable of exalting Suono’s thunderous sound.
• AISI 304 stainless steel rivets (4,8 x10) with a shear resistance value of 7.000 Nm and a tensile stress resistance of 4.900 Nm, in order to guarantee the structural stability of the silencer.
• CNC-machined AISI 304 stainless steel bushing to ensure perfect couplings with the connecting pipes (only for standard version).
• Internal components of titanium grade 1, thickness 0.6 and 0.8 mm for the full titanium version
• 3K 200 gr /mq² twill carbon fiber fastening strap, to keep high resistance to mechanical stresses.


• Innovative design totally made in Italy.
• Exclusive model in the world.
• Employment of the best materials, which are available in the market. High technology coming directly from MotoGP experience, which only few factories can offer.
• 3K twill carbon impregnated with special resins. Titanium 1 slow degree. High reliable materials, that are the result of a long research & development activity.
• The system guarantees high power and torque performances. It’s ideal for race.
• Shrill sound for an extreme product use.
• Homologated silencer in compliance with the EU directives. Security without compromises.
• Huge weight loose unlike genuine system and better bike versatility.
• Popular brand in the MotoGP; absolute guarantee of steady innovation.
• Reliability of one of the main world manufacturer of OE systems.
• Reliable after-sales-service, that solves all your problems.

MIVV Ghibli

As light as desert wind, the new MIVV exhaust will take you far away...MIVV Ghibli

We are being faced by a top of the range product. Ghibli is made using light, but extremely strong materials. It's available in 2 versions: the first one fully made of titanium, both the inside and the outside, the other in AISI 304 stainless steel.

Its travelling companions will be 600 cc motorbikes and over. Obviously sports or naked alike. It is not evident by looking at the picture, but it has an important volumetry, a factor that has enabled MIVV to "pull out" a well rounded and recognisable sound (and obviously also the performance is top).


Ghibli, introduced to the public for the first time during EICMA 09, does not have a standard layout: one or more bends across its length will ensure maximum aesthetic harmony with the bike on which it will be fitted.

The shapes and the winding design of this exhaust make it fully compatible with both sports and naked models. Moreover, it's a product that does not fail being appreciated in some extremely captivating applications, and not only in case of lateral conformation (in fact, in some cases it will find itself at ease also when fitted underbelly).

In addition to lightness, the other peculiar characteristics of the MIVV silencer are the fact that it is fully TIG welded, including the brackets, and that it has a dB-killer stamped welded bottom, secured in position using three socket screws.

As for all MIVV products, Ghibli is the result of the experience of a great brand, manufacturer of both original and aftermarket exhausts, and now for many years "official partner" of HRC in MotoGP.

AdvantagesZ750 Mivv Ghibli

  • Wide range product made of light and high resistant materials
  • Two available versions: totally in titanium and in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Sinuous and versatile forms, to be in perfect aesthetical compatibility with all bike models they fit.
  • Assembled model through corner conical sectors
  • Totally TIG welded products under controlled atmosphere
  • Removable dB-killer with a fixing system through ISO - buttons screws
  • Intense and cool sound


Sports image, round short silencer, enlarged jets to increase the racing energy, extractable db-killer.

GP is EU – homologated, it’s the result of a long and detailed research of R&D department.

GP is supplied in Carbon or Titan version.


Extraordinary flexibility of Oval Shape

Two configurations are currently available, Oval Classic and Carbon Cap, both part of our SPORT silencer range. The DETAIL section, shown below, opens a multimedia window that will enable you to unveil every detail of the elements making up the exhaust.


Our Oval has now been available for a long time for the most popular 'two wheels', thanks to its great capability of fully complementing the various motorbike and scooter models on the market, whilst at the same time adding an important aggressive touch.
The Sport 'Oval' range is offered with Titanium, Carbon or Stainless Steel cover.
All models shown in our catalogue are homologated for road use, and are fitted with dB-Killer. Accurately finished with the utmost attention to detail, this model is the ideal combination of design and performance.
The superior reliability and performance that we guarantee in all our models......are offered 'as standard'.


MIVV Oval carbon
At the end of 2008 we decided to rejuvenate our historic 'oval' terminal (still also available in the Classic version) through a restyling of its technical and design features.
The main characteristic of the new Oval Carbon Cap is, as it may be expected, its new 'CAP', made using twill 3k high temperature resistance carbon with a matt finish.

MIVV Oval carbon cap
This element is exclusively associated to Oval models with titanium or carbon body. As it can be seen from the examples shown, the carbon body model is particularly exciting: Its 'full black' look is only broken by the presence of stainless steel rivets.
Some other characteristics of notice: The slits on the cap, that give that captivating look, are also a very important technical feature, as they help disperse heat.


• Design that perfectly matches the look of most motorcycles currently on the market
• Only the best materials available are used, with the body made of AISI 304 austenitic stainless steel
• Processing and technological solutions that can only be offered by a few companies, resulting from the experience gained with MotoGP.
• Guarantee of good power and torque performance.
• Silencer also suitable for use on track.
• Homologation in accordance with European standards. No compromise on safety.
• Important weight saving when compared with original exhausts.
• The reliability that can only be offered by one of the main original exhaust manufacturers in the world.
• Guarantee of an after sales service capable of finding solutions.

MIVV X-cone

Eternal fascination

X-cone, also part the SPORT range, is a stainless steel exhaust that has always brought much satisfaction to us, and to many motorcyclists. This model is now offered in two variants: X-cone and X-cone Plus.
We want to emphasise that all our products are 100% Made in Italy.


MIVV X-cone
State of the art construction techniques, and an 'old style' design. This is the winning combination that characterizes our 'X-cone'.
They have mainly been conceived for installation on naked and super-sports models, on models with futuristic, but also retro designs, where the conical shapes can be fully matched to the overall look, or can create an exciting contrast.
The clearly 'seventies' feel, with its undoubtedly passionate nature, of our X-cone terminal (the body has a brushed finish), is supported by a top class construction and the utmost attention to detail. AISI 304 stainless steel with extremely high resistance, made of sheet with a thickness of 0.8 mm only, for minimum weight.
Technical solutions, for a bike with extremely respectable performance, and great presence.


MIVV X-cone plus
The new Plus version has given this silencer a new lease of life. The changes made are the result of the suggestions received from our customers.
Plus is MIVV answer to the request for a conical exhaust, but without the standard end spout. Thanks to our commitment to professional competitions at their highest levels, understanding and acting on this feedback was for us a very easy task.
This version of the cone model is only available for the latest maxi-sport models. On the other hand, X-cone is intended as the solution for naked and old style models.

On a technical point of view, the following changes have been introduced, compared with the famous X-cone:

• The machined and shaped aluminium bottom, very similar to that used by Honda in Moto GP;
• dB-Killer system secured using the seger system, instead of standard riveting;
• satin finish of the silencer body, as an alternative to the brushed finish.

MIVV Power
The Power range includes two different models: EVO and STEEL.
EVO is intended for the racing world, and therefore boasts technical solutions and materials that are extremely well suited for the competition.
Power STEEL is intended for the advanced motorcyclist, looking for an aggressive, but also homologated, complete exhaust system, capable of bringing significant improvements to performance, whilst at the same time allowing standard configurations to be changed.


MIVV Power evo
Top of the range products, our POWER EVO assemblies are aimed at meeting the needs of those who make of competition their main agonistic activity. With their development, we have been able to introduce state of the art technical solutions, using titanium as a standard material for the construction of the collectors. The 'work' demanded from these systems, made implementing the most advanced construction technologies, is mainly centred on increasing the power of the engine.
MIVV Power evo

The POWER EVO range is therefore strictly intended for the racing world. As a consequence, the preferential channel is that of Teams involved in the various championships, up to the more advanced users, who only drive their sport bikes on track.
The technical improvements introduced are the result of an intense development activity, which makes the most of the know-how acquired from the high level competition sector, such as MotoGP.
Thanks to this constant commitment, we can guarantee a product with faultless design and superior performance.
For the more technically minded, we may add that for POWER EVO we have used grade 1 titanium, and the various components have been welded using tig technology. During the design stage, a lot of attention has been paid to the assessment of the couplings. In order to improve the general performance, and speed up the passage of gas, we have preferred to use cone shaped tubes.
The utmost care has been paid during the adjustment of the couplings, to ensure easy and fast assembly.


MIVV Power steel
Reduced space requirements, top characteristics, ease of installation, extreme lightness. These are the exclusive distinguishing features of the POWER STEEL range.
The complete assemblies within the range have hit the target perfectly: enhancement of performance, ensuring maximum fluidity to the power delivery, whilst eliminating any of the medium regime gaps that are typical of original systems.
These results are achieved thanks to precise design choices: cone shaped tubes, compensators and fittings, providing better gas flow dynamics. The systems include 1 mm thick AISI 304 stainless steel collectors, and special Titanium/Carbon silencers.
Our POWER STEEL range offers aesthetic solutions where careful attention has been given to each and every detail, with the possibility of choosing between the standard passage configuration, which preserves the original look of the motorbike, and the high passage configuration, with the removal of the passengers footboards, and certainly better suited to more extreme bends.
The full POWER STEEL assemblies are available in the Homologated and Racing versions.


• Perfect engineering for maximum performance.
• Highly reliable materials, results of the R & D activities that can only undertaken by a large company.
• Twill 3k carbon mixed with special resins.
• Slow grade 1 titanium.
• High technology, gained from MotoGP experience.
• Optimum power and torque performance.
• Intense sound, purposely designed, to ensure that the product can be used to its limits.
• Important weight saving, for increased engine power.
• The support of a company that is among the main manufacturers of original motorbike exhausts in the world.
• The guarantee of an after sales service capable of finding the solution to every problem.

MIVV city run
MIVV city run
This new range of systems was designed for scooters with powers from 125 to 500 cc.
Result of the know-how acquired from many years of experience in the development of original systems, this product is the perfect combination of reliability and design.
In fact, being also available in the catalytic version, which ensures compliance with Euro3 homologation requirements, CITY RUN is not only capable of improving performance, but is also the perfect alternative to the original model.

MIVV city run
In terms of look, price, and mechanical characteristics, it represents a more competitive alternative to a good standard maxi scooter silencer.
The configuration of City Run has been designed for resistance to the high internal temperatures that can develop, and is perfectly suited for use on the most popular maxi scooters currently on the market.

The advantages that guarantee its quality

Perfectly welded silencers to avoid exhaust gas leaks.
Heat shield for increased protection.
Removable dbkiller better sound and performance.
Austenitic stainless steel body high temperature resistant.
Catalyser suitable for gas reduction in in compliance with Euro 3 standard.

MIVV Stronger
MIVV Stronger
MIVV Stronger line for motocross, enduro and motard is developed with the aim of giving a maximum fluidity to the power delivery during the use of the power curve. In this way, the curve is always higher than that of the genuine system. The silencers are totally in compliance with the Racing provisions, with a noise level not higher than 94dB in the enduro and motard models.

The exhaust systems are available also in the type-approved version for road use.
The aim of the cross line is to obtain the best at low-middle speeds, without disadvantaging the performances at high speeds.

All products guarantee reliability and endurance against the strongest stresses.
The exhaust systems are produced both as a slip-on system and as a full one. They are available in titanium and aluminium and can be equipped with spark arrestor system.

MIVV Stronger line for quad and ATV was studied for fans or professional riders interested to improve the performances of their own bike.

These exhaust systems confer a huge weight loose and a determined and cool sound.

The mufflers are available in the Homologated or Racing versions with titanium or alloy shapes. All quad-ATV exhausts can be equipped with spark arrestor system.


• Made in Italy design.
• Use of the best materials available on the market. Long experience from the off-road competition sector.
• Perfect mix of materials such as carbon and titanium in order to grant the lightness required for the product.
• It grants excellent performance in power and torque especially at low speed for cross models. High fluidity to the power delivery for "enduro" models. Ideal on track.
• Shrill sound for an extreme product use.
• Type-approved according to the European standards. It conforms with FIM standards for competitions.
• Huge weight loose unlike genuine system and better bike versatility.
• Popular brand in the MotoGP; absolute guarantee of steady innovation.
• Reliability of one of the main world manufacturer of OE systems.
• Reliable after-sales-service, that solves all your problems.


MIVV has decided to partner with Dynojet, world leader in the development of electronic fuel injection systems, in order to guarantee the maximum results for its customers.

The limited self-adjustment margins of a fuel injection system for motorcycles do not, in fact, permit the system to adapt the fuel supply system for use with sportbike exhaust systems.

Therefore the necessary changes have to be made to the system to obtain optimum fuel supply.

MIVV thus recommends the use of an additional Dynojet Power Commander, equipped with specific mapping for the chosen MIVV model.

Power Commander combines the most advanced technology with a great ease of assembly and adjustment and a widespread, worldwide servicing network.

Power Commander is the choice of prestigious teams that have achieved top results all over the world. Among the most recent are the 2007 Superstock 1000 (Ducati Xerox Junior team), the German Superbike 2007 championship (Honda Holzhauer Racing Promotion team), and the AMA Supermoto 2007 championship (Aprilia Rip It Energy Racing team). Products of the Power Commander Dynojet line have been used to win various speed records. Lastly, Dynojet is the technical partner of the Superbike world championship, where it is present with its own test benches, used by the FIM commissioners for the technical checks. These are the same benches chosen by MIVV for its development activities.

Advantages of the installation of a Power Commander with a specific map for a MIVV exhaust system:

• optimization or carburetion at all speeds
• better pickup at lowest speeds
• full, linear fuel delivery
• quick response to the accelerator pedal
• elimination of the on-off effect

The installation of a Power Commander with a specific map for a MIVV exhaust system makes it possible to give free rein to all the potentials of the exhaust system itself.

Warning: different mappings are necessary for the use or non-use of the DB-Killer device of the MIVV exhaust system.

Should the mapping for your motorcycle not be available on, it has not been developed yet by Dynojet Europe with which we have a technical partnership. Anyway, the development plan provides for mappings for all models included in MIVV catalogue: it will be enclosed both in our website and in Dynoyet website as soon as it is ready.

MIVV electronics
MIVV electronics

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